Contract Migration
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NanoDogeCoins New Smart Contract Is Now Live

The migration to the new smart contract has been successful, and the changes are now live, with users now able to migrate their NDC tokens over to the new smart contract through the simple and easy to use dashboard.

NanoDogeCoin - Aiming To Offer More Variety For Investors

The NanoDogeCoin migration to the new smart contract, is directed towards lowering overall liquidity in the project to appeal to new found investors, whilst driving momentum towards an increased market cap.

Doing so will ultimately contribute more rewards to investors and the community in the long run, as the project grows past its previous limitations.

The changes in the contract enable the development team to continually evolve the project well past the previously planned roadmap that was initially dreamt of when the project was in its infancy.

NanoDogeCoin’s development team has the aim of making the process as simple as possible for NDC holders to make the switch. For users to move their tokens to the new smart contract, they only need to use NanoDogeCoins simple dashboard to make the switch.

The community team at $NDC want to reward those who migrate with a $5 USDT bonus paid directly into their wallets once the process has been completed.

Non-Stop Updates For INDC

In only a few short months, the NanoDogeCoin project has not only made considerable moves towards determining themselves a strong project, with a soft side for man's best friend - but also a project that aims to redefine what is possible when such a large community comes together to innovate.

The latest addition to the arsenal is the previously mentioned Dashboard that now offers various options to interest investors that involve staking and pooling that gives users the ability to earn NDC, BTC, ETC, ADA, USDT with the addition of many more cryptocurrency options being made available in the near future. Dual staking being a highlight of the options available, which enables stakers to earn NDC Rewards & USDT Reflections that you can compound with 0% fees.

Upcoming Listing On Altbase

In a move made to make the purchase of NDC simpler for the average investor and to widen the reach of the token, NanoDogeCoin is due to be listed on the Altbase app on September 12th.

The listing will give potential buyers easy access to NDC by providing the ability to purchase the coin with nothing more than a debit or credit card through the app itself.

A welcomed alternative to more complicated DApps.

NanoDogeCoin - with the successful migration finally complete, a list of non-stop updates in store as well as an upcoming listing on Altbase, keep an eye on this project and the noise INDC with its community are about to make over the coming months.

Watch this space!