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How To Buy NanoDogeCoins $INDC

Here is a step-by-step guide to buying NanoDogeCoin ($INDC) through a variety of platforms.

The new smart contract address, and the only address you should use when transacting $INDC is:


Transacting with any other address may result in loss of funds

For most users, Trust Wallet and Metamask are the definitive way to buy NanoDogeCoin through PancakeSwap, something that we know can be a trying experience at the best of times.

For anyone unsure of how to use or connect these services to PancakeSwap or are still wondering “How to buy doge tokens like NanoDogeCoin?”and how to become part of our growing community, read ahead because we have got you covered:

Trust Wallet Users

If you are one of the many trust wallet users, buying NanoDogeCoin is a very easy process.

  1. Install and open the Trust Wallet application.
  2. Create a new wallet and make sure you do not lose your recovery phase and ensure you keep it hidden and secure, never share it with anyone.
  3. Purchase Binance Coin (BNB) either through Trust Wallet or you can transfer to your Trust Wallet account from another exchange like Binance.
  4. In the Trust Wallet bottom menu, select “DApps” (or “Browser” for iOS) and in the list of DApps, locate “PancakeSwap”.
  5. Your Trust Wallet account is now connected with PancakeSwap and is ready to be loaded up with INDC!

Metamask Users

Metamask is a similar style wallet to Trust Wallet but it has a few different steps we need to take into consideration in order to get it connected correctly to the Binance Smart Chain and we are not able to purchase BNB from the app, which means once connected you must send BNB from another wallet to your Metamask equivalent wallet.

  1. Download and install Metamask, create a new wallet while making sure you do not lose your recovery phase and ensure you keep it hidden and secure, never share it with anyone.
  2. Head to the settings page within Metamask and select “Networks” and then “Add Network” on the bottom of the Networks menu.
  3. Fill out the following details into the appropriate boxes:
    • Network Name: Smart Chain
    • New RPC URL:
    • ChainID: 56
    • Symbol: BNB
    • Block Explorer URL:
  4. Your Metamask wallet should be now set to the Binance Smart Chain and just double check that this is the option your wallet is now set to by making sure the text at the top of your screen under “Wallet” says “Smart Chain”
  5. Now Metamask is setup for BSC, we can now head over the browser in the side menu of the app and use our browser to go to and select the “Connect Wallet” followed by selecting Metamask as the option to successfully connect your Metamask wallet to PancakeSwap.


Now our wallets are connected to PancakeSwap, the only thing we need to do is convert our BNB to become NDC holders:

  1. In the PancakeSwap Exchange menu, at the top window you enter the amount of BNB you wish to swap for $NDC.
  2. Now in the bottom window, choose “Select a currency” and insert the contract address for NanoDogeCoin which is - 0xd3af8e09894d69e937e37eef46df1cbf82b35c81
  3. Push the “Import” button and agree to the terms to confirm the importing of NDC to PancakeSwap.
  4. Lastly select the blue “Swap” button and confirm the transaction amount you wish to swap from BNB to $NDC while also accepting any price fluctuations during the setup time frame.


More accessibility to $INDC is forthcoming, with the listing on Altbase Sept 12 at 12PM PST. The listing will allow users to transact with NanoDogeCoin via iOS and Android, on the Altbase app.

Altbase allows users to buy altcoins using a credit/debit card, and the NanoDogeCoin listing will add new-found accessibility to the token.

More to follow.

Welcome to the NDC Community

That's it, you are now an official $NDC hodler and a supporter of the NanoDogeCoin project. Your tokens are now able to be used in a variety of ways:

  • You can earn passive income in real USDT
  • Pool your $NDC to earn multi-token rewards in NDC, USDT, BTC, ETC, ADA & more.
  • Stake your NDC in the new “Dual Staking” in the new staking dashboard available to NDC holders now.

We see a lot of questions on Twitter such as “where can you buy doge coins like NanoDogeCoin?” and “How do you connect your wallet to PancakeSwap?” and now you have the ultimate guide to buy the best doge coin there is - NanoDogeCoin!