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NanoDogeCoin Due To Go Live On Altbase

The date has finally been announced, this September 12th the launch of NanoDogeCoin on Altbase is due to go live after being initially delayed due to the recent migration of NDC to their new smart contract, via the crypto staking dashboard.

The listing provides NanoDogeCoin users another place to transact, along with PancakeSwap. Adding further accessibility to $INDC is of paramount importance to the community team.

Non-Stop Updates From NDC

It is not just the latest listing and new smart contract launch that has the NanoDogeCoin community excited.

One of the more prominent recent releases includes the new Dashboard feature that introduces “Dual Staking” and “I-NDC” pooling options to holders. A move that solidifies the stance on being the passive crypto token aimed to reward investors and holders more.

With the ability to now earn more than just USDT, NanoDogeCoin now gives its community the option to earn INDC, BTC, ETH and ADA, plus many more cryptocurrency options being made available in the near future.

Not A Typical Listing

The listing on Altbase is directed to target a new stream of investors to NanoDogeCoin through Altbase’s existing user base, as well as through a targeted click-funnel campaign to reach new investors, and direct them towards the project itself, and not just to the exchange.

The overall goal of Altbase is to be the first place potential investors turn to when they want to trade, swap, send, receive and buy altcoins and memecoins - due to its ease of use and simple UI, in conjunction with no transaction errors and no slippage numbers to change.

An overall hassle-free process from start to finish.

The app is designed to give users an easy place to purchase NanoDogeCoin and removes barriers previously associated with other DApps and their more complicated transaction processes - that once intimidated more novice investors.

The app listing is a further commitment to the future of NanoDogeCoin from the community team, adding the ability to purchase tokens through nothing more than a credit or debit card, converting fiat into BNB and then INDC within seconds. Direct fiat to token options are also forthcoming.

$INDC joins a growing list of cryptos on the platform, with the app recently increasing its user base by 340%. The listing on Altbase is an organic strategy designed to make the token more accessible, and thus increase volume over time. The $NDC and Altbase teams have been working together in order to provide NanoDogeCoin more exposure, and accessibility for its user base.

September 12th - NanoDogeCoin Joins The Altbase Family

There are a wealth of updates that have either just launched or are about to be released in near future for NanoDogeCoin so it is advised to stay tuned or join their telegram or twitter to keep updated.

But in the meantime, mark September 12th down in your calendar and be ready to purchase the latest addition to the Altbase family, NanoDogeCoin once it successfully goes live.