Migration FAQ
  • How do I migrate my tokens if I’m not staking?
    Whether you are staking or not, you can still go into the dashboard and select to migrate.
  • Once the trades open after migrating, will the immediate price of NDC be the same as now or will it be high considering the ratio of market cap and liquidity?
    We cannot disclose the exact price or market cap to prevent any kind of malicious sniping/trades based on price differences.
  • What Is the Marketcap at launch?
    We cannot disclose the exact price or market cap to prevent any kind of malicious sniping/trades based on price differences.
  • What will be done with the current Liquidity Pool?
    The current Liquidity Pool will be used for the new Liquidity Pool, Buybacks, Marketing etc.
  • What will be the buy and sell fee at launch?
    Buy 10% Sell 30%
  • With the new contract will there be a different tax rate for buying and selling? If so, how will It affect the reflections of those bought with 23% tax through the old contract?
    Yes, there will be a different buy and sell tax rate. However, it will serve to benefit current holders that purchased prior to our new contract. This separated buy and sell tax will increase buy pressure and overall increase the market cap.
  • If the staking pool will be auto migrated to a new staking pool will It incur any gas fees from BSC. If yes, Is the team planning to compensate for it in any way possible?
    Yes, there will be a BSC network fee. The team will be paying out $5 USD-T to each person who migrates over to the new contract.
  • Once the new liquidity pool is created & trades open, will you be initiating buybacks immediately or you will wait for it to dip as the sell pressure will be high?
    The team will be assessing in real time ideal points for buybacks. We are running hundreds of simulations to gather enough data to ensure the highest probability for success.
  • Should we unstake for the migration?
    No, please enjoy all the reward benefits until the migration time comes.
  • Will you give some benefits to those who are not willing to sell after the migration?
  • Will there be a cap on selling after the trade opens?
  • Will the $5 reward for migrating be for those staking or for everyone?
  • Will the regular 15% USDT reflections continue on top of staking rewards?
    Yes, the regular USDT reflections will continue. However, for the initial launch phase, the buy tax and sell tax will be separated. Therefore, holders will earn more than the standard 15% from sells and slightly less than the standard 15% from buys.
  • What did we learn from the first contract and what are the changes in the new one?
    We learn from our mistakes. We had a couple of issues that have been fixed and the new contract has been made to be more flexible. Buy and sell taxes are separated. We now have the ability to increase USDT reflections to more than 15%. The bug in our code that enables us to prevent sells will be resolved so neither buys nor sells can be prevented by the core team.
  • What will happen if after 48 hours of the migration launch, people still don't press the migration button?
    After 48 hours, we will introduce a migration tax that will go up based on the current market cap of the new contract. This prevents people from taking advantage of arbitrage situations.
  • The day we migrate to the new contract, will the tokens that are staked on INDC dashboard, remain staked on the new contract?
    No. You will have to migrate them by a click of a button.
  • What is the market cap goal after migration?
  • How's the marketing going to look like after the migration?
    We believe our marketing has been very strong up until this point and we will continue those efforts. However, we want to get more exposure into the Chinese and Asian markets. Therefore, we will work with our China community and Blockcast to explore those avenues further.
  • If we migrate, will our rewards automatically add up in the new staking pool of the new contract?
    You will collect or compound your rewards before migrating.
  • If my coin's current value Is 35K USDT, when we migrate to a new contract will it be the same or will it be more? How will you evaluate it?
    This will be dependent on the starting market cap. Naturally, we cannot start at the same market cap as we currently have because it would result in the same liquidity problems we currently have; however, based on our new liquidity pool to market cap ratio for the new contract, we can ensure that the growth will follow an exponential curve.
  • Will there be a presale?
    No, only tokens transferred from the old contract will be in circulation.
  • Will we endorse any new celebs for the new coin?
    Yes, we are in the process of confirming a few celebs that were already lined up.
  • Will you tell us a good time to sell/buy back in the future?
    Every investment carries great risk. We do not give financial advice
  • Will you tell us holders before the buyback so we can FOMO?
    We may potentially notify holders of a buyback on occasion however we cannot guarantee that we will each time, solely to prevent outside malicious trading activity.
  • Can we select which coin we will be able to compound or harvest?
    The ability to individually compound and/or harvest each coin is something we are exploring in further iterations of our staking contract.
  • Will we be able to choose the Coin we want to stake?
    NDC will be inactive after the migration therefore you may only stake our new token.
  • Will you guys enter the equivalent value In BNB / USD of the value of the tokens staked inside the dashboard so that we do not have to use external calculators?
    Yes this is something we are looking to add in our next update to the dashboard after migration has been completed.
  • What do I need to do if I have rewards in the stake pool?
    You can choose to either continue accruing rewards, compound your earned rewards into more NDC so that you have a larger share of the staking pool to earn more (Subject to change to the new token), or harvest (withdraw) your earned rewards.
  • Will I be able to sell my tokens at launch?
    Yes, if you wish to sell you may do so at launch and anytime thereafter.
  • What are the team’s plans for the new token name?
    The name will remain the same.
  • What are the team's plans for Coin MarketCap, CoinGecko, CEX, and Marketing?
    If possible, we’ll update our current listings to reflect our new contract. In terms of marketing, we will tailor a lot of marketing towards the Asian market.
  • What are the plans on using the buybacks on the new token?
    We will assess the market through technical analysis and apply within the best interest of our investors.
  • When is the current USDT rewards glitch being fixed?
    This will be fixed with the migration.
  • What can I do If I have my tokens on Bit-Mart?
    Answer coming soon
  • Will there be a percentage table of how much staking reward per token we are receiving?
    Yes, we are working on this functionality for the next update of the dashboard.
  • Can something be done about the high compounding and harvesting gas fees?
    This issue has been identified and is being fixed with the migration.
  • Can I sell my tokens from the marketing wallet and later buy back during the new launch?
  • Do I need to harvest before staking?
    Harvesting simply means withdrawing the rewards you have earned during staking.
  • Was the 40k on Certik wasted?
    No, the Certik audit has helped us identify how we could make our contract better and that it was very safe and secure to begin with. Over and above that, it has helped instill a sense of security for a large majority of investors to know that we take the safety and security of NDC and our smart contract very seriously.
  • What are the next plans regarding charity?
    Once we get the ratio of our liquidity under control we will create weekly polls to let the community decide which charity we donate to next.
  • If someone unstake’s, how long does it take the coins to reflect?
    Unstaked rewards or NDC should be received in your wallet instantly, the only delay would be BSC network congestion based delays.
  • Will the devs be doxing in the future?
    Yes at the right milestone. To be determined.
  • Can someone set up an affordable merch shop on your website so we can all buy Nano Dogecoin merch?
    This is something we may look into in the near future, however we need to ensure that we are doing all we can to maximize the value of NDC and provide investors with sizable returns on their investment as our main priority.
  • Can we do a synchronized party at 1B Market Cap?
    You can count on it!
  • Is the USDT reflection the same as the USDT rewards on the staking?
  • Are the Avengers going to be with us on the next token?
    Yes The Avengers are here to support the NDC family till 1B Mcap.
  • Will Nanodoge adopt a puppy?
    Sure, we would love another little Nano!