$INDC Introduces PROFIT$

The Profit$ system is a way to make safe, consistent gains every two weeks along with a trading strategy all built into a token. 🚀

A new token gets released under Profit$ every two weeks. This token has a lifespan of 1 week. Every buy and sell on that token takes a % of the tax and it automatically buys Nano Dogecoin $INDC and holds it in a pool for the week.

Throughout the week, when the price of this token drops low enough a notification will go out to everyone letting them know it is now profitable to buy this token. These notifications get sent out every time it becomes profitable to buy the token.

At the end of each week if you still hold these tokens you’ll be able to go into the dashboard and claim your share of the total INDC tokens that were purchased and held in the pool.

Tokens/Coins released with PROFIT$

#1 Ice Cream Token


#2 Popcorn Token

16 NOV

#3 Cookie Token