NanoDoge sitting in grass

Nano DogeCoin - A New Standard For Charity Crypto Coins

Nano DogeCoin is all about the welfare of the furry creatures our project is named after and we aim to be the number one in charity crypto coins.

Our commitment is to make real world change and believe the best way to do that is to partner with smaller animal welfare charities around the world.

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There are a few reasons we do this...

More money towards the cause

More money is spent on animal welfare, rather than the costs of running a larger organization. That way we can see that your money is making an actual difference to dogs all over the world.

More exposure to smaller charities

We are able to shine the spotlight on smaller, lesser known charities who would benefit from the exposure our community can bring.

Building more meaningful relationships

We are able to build more meaningful relationships with smaller charity owners and staff members, allowing us to provide our community with updates from them, which in turn will enable us to encourage and gain further support.

With over 20 partnerships already under way and plenty more to be announced soon, our investors have already given us the head start we needed to claim the top spot in charity crypto coins.

Automatic contributions without the need to donate coins to charity

Through the revolutionary redistribution model, users do not need to donate coins to charity or make physical donations - Everything is done automatically via the inbuilt tokenomics that aims to benefit our investors as well as the partnering charity organizations.

Help save dogs around the world, automatically with $INDC

While it is our focus to save dogs worldwide, we also want our holders to have a lot more than the warm, fuzzy feeling of helping a pup in need - so we provide rewards too!

We reward our holders with USD-Tether paid automatically into their wallets for simply holding NDC and provide staking options via the easy to use dashboard.

Not only can users sit back while earning crypto income passively, staking their tokens and participating in our pools with NDC, you can also enjoy the feeling of supporting animal welfare at the same time without the need to donate coins to charity.