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The Official Nano DogeCoin Gameshow!

Hello Nano Dogecoin Family,

We're incredibly excited to announce that our "Who Wants to Win a BitCoin" contest is now a WEEKLY EVENT brought to you by the crypto passive income champions, Nano DogeCoin.

5 lucky contestants will be drawn from our raffles to take part in our "Who Wants to Win a BitCoin" gameshow and token game online, every Thursday at 10PM UTC.

Every Friday at 10PM UTC, the 5 winners (drawn and contacted the night prior) will be brought onto the "Who Wants to Win a BitCoin" Contest to try their luck.

The aim of the altcoin game is simple - get 10 questions correct!

Questions will range in difficulty, each harder than the last, and the contestant who answers all questions correctly will win a whole BITCOIN! 🤑

"How do I enter?!"
To be in with a chance of being selected as a contestant, you must:

  1. Ensure your Telegram Display Name has our Telegram Link in it (
  2. Donate a minimum of $5 (or equivalent in your currency) to your local animal shelter and mention "NanoDoge Coin" on your donation form.
  3. Tweet us @NanoDogeCoin with proof of your donation.
  4. Post it in Telegram Donations Channel @NanoDogecoinDonations (, so you can keep track of how many people have entered the raffle to be selected to play!

Every Thursday at 10PM UTC, we'll then select 5 random winners from everyone who is eligible.

Every Friday at 10PM UTC, the 5 winners (drawn and contacted the night prior) will be brought onto the "Who Wants to Win a BitCoin" Contest to try their luck at winning USD-Tether prizes and a WHOLE BITCOIN! 🔥🤑

The prizes for each question are as follows:

  1. 15 USD-T
  2. 30 USD-T
  3. 75 USD-T
  4. 150 USD-T
  5. 240 USD-T
  6. 320 USD-T
  7. 400 USD-T
  8. 450 USD-T
  9. 500 USD-T
  10. 1 BITCOIN 🔥

The Rules

Questions 1 to 3, contestants will have 5 seconds to answer.
Questions 4 to 7, contestants will have 3 seconds to answer.
Questions 8 to 10, contestants will have 2 seconds to answer.

After each question, contestants will be asked if they wish to continue to the next or "Cash their prize".

If contestants choose to continue to the next question and do not get the answer correct, they will not receive ANY prize that they've earned prior in the altcoin game. They will walk away with nothing.

If the contestants choose to cash their prize, they will walk away with their last-won prize and will not be able to continue the contest or altcoin game prize pool.

There will be 1 chance for each contestant to use their "LifeLine", meaning that they can ask the audience (our telegram community) what they think the answer is - the team will mute the chat and put up a poll for the community to vote on and contestants can choose to listen to the poll results or ignore them completely.

The "LifeLine" can only be used up until question 8; contestants cannot use this for questions 9 or 10.

We hope you're as excited as we are for the weekly contests! We will build Who Wants to Win A Bitcoin into the hottest token game online!

The Nano DogeCoin Team 💖

Comments from winners

  1. Avatar user 1 SzylaCh

    "This was one of the most fun community experiences I ever had in this crypto universe."

  2. Avatar user 2 JWilsh

    "A weekly trivia gameshow for the community with 1 whole Bitcoin as the main prize. The team at nanodoge are on a whole new level."