Passive Income

How To Make Passive Income

Nano DogeCoin allows users to make passive income with crypto through the taxation on transactions across the network.


Stake your $INDC on our Dashboard and earn multiple crypto currencies as a reward.


By simply holding onto your $INDC you get rewards in USDT sent directly to your wallet.

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Simply Hold Nano DogeCoin’s Token - $INDC

The Nano DogeCoin project is built upon rewarding investors with an incentive to hold and support the token, through its good charitable ethos and tokenomics model.

Through redistribution tokenemics built into the smart contract, a portion of all transactions in and out is used to farm USD-Tether, which is then proportionally redistributed back to all existing holders of $NDC.

Over 2 million dollars so far has been redistributed back to token holders, who have done nothing more than hold NDC!

You get USDT just by holding... That is why I love this project!

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How To Make Passive Income With Nano DogeCoins DeFi Solutions


It's not just USD-T on offer to Nano DogeCoin investors. There's much more to explore

Easy to use dashboard

Nano DogeCoin has its very own Dashboard to give investors a vast array of options to earn other cryptocurrencies.

Nano DogeCoins own INDEX-NDC

Through the “INDEX-NDC”, investors have the option through one pool to earn multi token rewards like NDC, BTC, ETH, ADA, DOGE & USDT.

Dual Staking

“Dual Staking” gives fantastic options for passive income investments with the ability to earn NDC rewards and USDT reflections while at the same time, compounding NDC and USDT with absolutely zero fees.

With the new INDEX-IDC, Dual Staking and simple holding rewards, Nano DogeCoin is the passive income project that gives back to its investors, whilst also ensuring that our canine friends are looked after by charitable donations to animal shelters, and organizations worldwide.

Nano DogeCoin’s Revolutionary INDEX-NDC & DUAL STAKING

Looking for the best returns on your passive income investments? Stop asking how to make passive income with crypto and join the Nano DogeCoin revolution! Of course, as with all investments and cryptocurrency purchases - always do your own extensive research, and consult a financial advisor if unsure on investment decisions.